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Largest places in Tajikistan

The largest cities and places in Tajikistan at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Tajikistan.

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Largest places in Tajikistan
Dushanbe Dushanbe1.Dushanbe Dushanbe679,400
Khujand Khŭjand2.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd144,865
Kulob Kŭlob3.Khatlon Khatlon78,786
Qurghonteppa Qŭrghonteppa4.Khatlon Khatlon65,000
Istaravshan Istaravshan5.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd52,851
Konibodom Konibodom6.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd50,359
Vahdat Vahdat7.Republican Subordination Republican Subordination45,693
Tursunzoda Tursunzoda8.Republican Subordination Republican Subordination37,995
Isfara Isfara9.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd37,738
Panjakent Panjakent10.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd35,085
Khorugh Khorugh11.Gorno-Badakhshan Gorno-Badakhshan30,000
Ishqoshim Ishqoshim12.Gorno-Badakhshan Gorno-Badakhshan26,000
Hisor Hisor13.Republican Subordination Republican Subordination23,978
Boshkengash Boshkengash14.Dushanbe Dushanbe23,696
Danghara Danghara15.Khatlon Khatlon22,824
Moskovskiy Moskovskiy16.Khatlon Khatlon22,100
Vose' Vose’17.Khatlon Khatlon21,736
Farkhor Farkhor18.Khatlon Khatlon21,736
Chkalov Chkalov19.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd21,537
Chubek Chubek20.Khatlon Khatlon19,563
Kolkhozobod Kolkhozobod21.Khatlon Khatlon18,476
Norak Norak22.Khatlon Khatlon18,122
Yovon Yovon23.Khatlon Khatlon17,471
Proletar Proletar24.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd16,441
Vakhsh Vakhsh25.Khatlon Khatlon15,215
Nov Nov26.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd13,833
Adrasmon Adrasmon27.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd13,372
Buston Bŭston28.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd13,043
Shahritus Shahritus29.Khatlon Khatlon13,042
Mu'minobod Mŭ’minobod30.Khatlon Khatlon11,955
Shaydon Shaydon31.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd11,705
Taboshar Taboshar32.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd11,578
Murghob Murghob33.Gorno-Badakhshan Gorno-Badakhshan10,815
Rasht Rasht34. 10,771
Obigarm Obigarm35. 10,035
Abdurahmoni Jomi Abdurahmoni Jomí36.Khatlon Khatlon9,943
Khodzha-Maston Khodzha-Maston37. 9,781
Dusti Dŭstí38.Khatlon Khatlon8,700
Sovet Sovet39.Khatlon Khatlon8,695
Gharavuti Gharavŭtí40.Khatlon Khatlon8,474
Pakhtakoron Pakhtakoron41.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd8,220
Panj Panj42.Khatlon Khatlon8,019
Roghun Roghun43. 7,731
Kirov Kirov44.Khatlon Khatlon7,696
Orzu Orzu45.Khatlon Khatlon5,988
Jilikul Jilikŭl46.Khatlon Khatlon5,434
Shahrinav Shahrinav47. 5,385
Novobod Novobod48. 5,352
Konsoy Konsoy49.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd5,042
Oltintopkan Oltintopkan50.Viloyati Sughd Viloyati Sughd4,823

1 - 50 of 65 places
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